Mitul Islam

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Research Interests: I am interested in geometric structures on manifolds, group actions preserving geometric structures, discrete subgroups of Lie groups and geometric group theory.

I study convex projective structures (or Hilbert geometries). I adapt tools from geometric group theory and analyze negative curvature/ weakly hyperbolic phenomena in such structures. More broadly, this is connected to the study of discrete subgroups of projective linear groups with some hyperbolcity, like Anosov representations.

Publications/ Preprints: Link to my arXiv.

Thesis: Rank One Phenomena in Convex Projective Geometry (link)

Invited Talks:

Talks at the University of Michigan:

Activities: I organized a reading group on rigidity properties of higher-rank lattices and their actions at the University of Michigan (February - July 2020)

I co-organized the Student Dynamics and the Student Geometry seminars at the University of Michigan (January 2019 - April 2020).

I organized a learning seminar on a part of Yves Benoist's work on strictly convex Hilbert geometries (Convex divisible I and Convex divisible 4) within the Student Dynamics seminar at University of Michigan (Feb 11- March 11, 2019).

Notes: These are links to some expository notes that I have written up or notes of my seminar talks. They are not original results, are not intended for publication and have not been carefully proof-read.

Conferences/ Workshops: Some conferences/ workshops that I have attended.